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Jason Zumpano - Room and Mansion

CSP 010 Jason Zumpano
Room and Mansion CD + Prints

The third of Jason Zumpano's collaborations with select visual artists. This time, he teamed with Vancouver's Sydney Hermant (aka Sydney Vermont (Hello Blue Roses/Bonaparte), who provided all the artwork for this release, which includes 2 giclee prints of her unique work. And Jason provided 12 tracks of piano instrumentals, inspired by and accompanying the art. Limited edition of 150, get it while you can!

CSP 008
Black Strawberries Limited-Edition 180g LP

A very special limited-edition (300) vinyl pressing of one of my favorite albums. Originally released on CD in 2002 by New Hampshire's Two-Ton Santa label, this is its first time ever on vinyl, and marks Catbird's first successful Kickstarter project. Over half of these are already gone via pre-order, so nab one while you can!

CSP 009
Fulton Lights
Healing Waters

The unstoppable Andrew Goldman soldiers on with yet another powerhouse Fulton Lights release. Falling somewhere between an EP and an LP ("Maxi-EP?" "Mini-LP?"), Healing Waters finds Fulton Lights moving ever sonically forward-- this time by incorporating all the varied musical textures that Goldman has mastered in his nearly decade-long career.

CSP 005
Fulton Lights
The Way We Ride

CBR 015
Forest Fire

CSP 006
Jason Zumpano
Roses $9.99 Dozen

CBR 016
George Washington Brown

CSP 009
Fulton Lights
Healing Waters

CSP 007
Apollo Ghosts
Hastings Sunrise

This is easily one of the most favoritest albums of the year around Catbird HQ, so when the band suggested that Catbird rerelease it (they sold out their initial pressing of 300 LPs), it was a no-brainer! It's going to become one of your most favoritest too. CD, digital, *and* limited-edition 180g LP.

CBR 017
Apollo Ghosts
Forgotten Triangle EP

As if the overwhelming goodness of Hastings Sunrise's 14 songs weren't enough Apollo Ghosts for the world, they also recorded a brand new, 5-song EP for Catbird-- and these songs are every bit as good. You probably need to order both Apollo Ghosts releases, is what you need.

CSP 003
Jason Zumpano
In The Co. Of Ghosts

CSP 004
Prairie Cat

CBR 011
Clear Tigers

CBR 013

CBR 014
Air Waves

CBR 010
Dead Knowledge

The mighty Moviola's latest (their 7th album in 12 years) is a satisfying, 16-song slab of timeless, cosmic American music. Limited Edition (200) includes a DVD featuring 5 videos, photo slideshow, and unreleased demos. Grab a seat, have a pull from our bottle, and kick back. Feel free to put your feet up on the coffee table. Ties would be loosened if any of us wore ties.

CBR 012
East To East

It's the fourth long-player from Chicago's Manishevitz, and the first since 2003's critically-lauded City Life (Jagjaguwar, 2003). On "East to East," Manishevitz cruises through a set of swaggering, thoughtfully-composed rock songs, with a liberal dose of open-ended groove structures (think Neu!) and moody pop mutations (think Roxy Music).

CB7 001
Get Him Eat Him
There's A Guy 7-Inch

CBR 007
Pet Politics
The Spring

CSP 001
Fulton Lights

CBR 009
Forest Fire
Psychic Love Star

CSP 002
The Underpainting

CBR 008
Mathew Sawyer & The Ghosts
Blue Birds Blood

Mathew Sawyer is an internationally respected visual artist, vintage ukelele aficionado, and one-time drummer for the Television Personalities. He's also responsible for Blue Birds Blood, 12 tracks of pure punk'd up, folk'd out, lo-fi love songs. Jewel-cased edition. First 200 orders include a 3-song bonus CD, in hand-screened sleeve.

CBR 006
Maestro Echoplex
Last Night I Saw God On The Dancefloor

Originally self-released in 2001, Last Night received accolades from the BBC, the Village Voice, Time Out NY, the Washington Post, and more, but due to lack of good distribution channels, the disc always remained extremely hard to find. Catbird is proud to re-release Last Night, complete with a newly-designed letterpressed case. See also: Fulton Lights.

CBR 001
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin / Michael Holt
Split CD

CBR 002
Pet Politics
In My Head

CBR 003

CBR 004
Get Him Eat Him
Do As I Tell You

CBR 005
Tap Tap

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