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  1. Beggars of Blue Sky
  2. The Lofty Trade of Letters
  3. Without Bread, Without Sticks and Without Bowls
  4. Thrown Like Rags
  5. A Rose in the Shadows
  6. Fall Back Without Curiosity
  7. Red-Armed Maid
  8. Neither Her Lover nor My Mother
  9. Wife and Child and Meal
  10. As a White Flag Frolics
  11. The Lily is Born White
  12. These Prosy Bores

CSP 006
Jason Zumpano
Roses $9.99 Dozen

$8. Sold Out.

CD (12 instrumental tracks by Jason Zumpano (solo piano)) + prints (2 giclee/310gsm prints of art by Shayne Ehman) in hand-colored Catbird Mini-7" sleeve. Limited Edition of 150.


Note: This comes with 2 prints, chosen randomly from a series of 5. We do have a very limited number of copies available that include all 5 prints-- they cost a few dollars more, and are available here, while supplies last.


Hey, that cover looks different from that other cover!
Yeah, I know, they're all different-- each one is uniquely hand-colored.

Hey, mine came with 2 prints that were totally different from the ones my friend got!
Yeah, I know, didn't you read the thing above? There are actually 5 different prints-- each disc gets 2 of them chosen at random.

But I want all 5 prints!
You can get that, chill out! It costs a few dollars more, and there are a very limited number available-- just order from this page.

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