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  1. Iuka Ravine
  2. Akron To Oakland
  3. Rudy
  4. Humility
  5. Tears In A Jar
  6. Knotty Pine
  7. Your Major
  8. Spanish Moss
  1. Memphis Matinee
  2. Black Haired Katherine
  3. Don't I Know
  4. Hand To Mouth
  5. Truth And Devotion
  6. Gone To Seed
  7. Orpheum Leitmotif
  8. Au Revoir Blues

CBR 010
Dead Knowledge


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or Buy Digital Version (320kbps MP3): $5

500 copies. Letterpressed case w/insert. Special Edition version (200 copies) features bonus DVD featuring 5 videos, photo slideshow, and unreleased demos, with double-stamped cover.

Video - "Humility"

Video - "Truth & Devotion"


Bonus DVD? Cool! Will it play in my DVD player?
Of course it will! Well, I mean, it should. Listen, it was authored in a DVD authoring system by DVD authoring professionals and replicated at a DVD replicating factory. If it doesn't work on your DVD player, maybe you should think about buying your A/V equipment from somewhere other than the clearance bin at the Chinese supermarket.

What's with that gap over there in the tracklist?
There used to be these things called "RECORDS," and they had 2 sides. This is not a record, but it sort of has 2 sides. But not *really* 2 sides-- I don't know what would happen if you tried to put the disc in your player upside-down. I guess you could try it in that crazy DVD player you were talking about before.

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